[Areca RAID] RAID configuration disappears

If you’ve had a previously configured Raid Set on an Areca RAID controller and it all of a sudden disappears it can sometimes be salvaged. In the RAID BIOS: Raid Set Function -> Rescue Raid You’re then prompted to “Enter the Operation Key.” This is ambiguous in the documentation and there’s also a mispelling for […]

[Linux/quotacheck] quotacheck: Cannot stat directory //var/spool/exim_incoming/scan/1erAzg-0007eX-E1: No such file or directory

When running quotacheck on a filesystem that isn’t read only it will error out and not finish if it’s unable to stat a certain file or directory. It does this because it assumes that there’s a problem with the filesystem. If your mail software is actively processing mail when running quotacheck it will get an […]

[OpenVZ/KVM/CentOS 7] No login prompt on boot

When converting CentOS 7 OpenVZ systems to KVM sometimes there is no login prompt after loading services. The machine is otherwise operating correctly. Here’s the fix to get the login prompt back: mv /etc/systemd/system/getty.target.wants/getty\@tty2.service /etc/systemd/system/getty.target.wants/getty\@tty1.service Afterwards the keyboard input may not work. Rebuilding the initial ramdisk will fix that: dracut -f

[RHEL 7/CentOS 7] Hanging Boot After Conversion to RAID1 (degraded RAID)

Quick fix… Rebuild the ramdisk. If you are using a rescue disk and are compiling for a different kernel version replace $(uname -r) with your kernel version: dracut –mdadmconf –fstab –add=”mdraid” –filesystems “xfs ext4 ext3 tempts devotes syses proc” –add-drivers=”raid1″ –force /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r) $(uname -r) Add the following to /etc/default/grub inside the quotes for the […]

[SQL Server] Database Mirroring login attempt by user ‘DOMAIN\SERVER$.’ failed with error. ‘Connection handshake failed. The login ‘DOMAIN\SERVER$’ does not have CONNECT permission on the endpoint. State 84.’.

When setting up mirroring (and witnessing) among SQL Server instances when the servers are configured using Active Directory it will automatically try to auth using the ID of the server. You need to grant CONNECT permissions on the endpoint on each server for the other server that will be connecting to it (or two if […]

[SolusVM/Websocket/noVNC] OSStatus Error -9807: Invalid certificate chain

After updating an SSL certificate on a SolusVM master installation we still receiving an error on the web console for SSL noVNC when the old certificate expired: OSStatus Error -9807: Invalid certificate chain It turns out noVNC on these installations doesn’t run through the web server. Instead change the following certificate file: /usr/local/solusvm/ssl/cert.pem This file […]

[CentOS/Linux] WARN : [ipv6_add_route] ‘No route to host’ adding route ‘::/0’ via gateway ‘XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ::1’ through device ”

When trying to add an IPv6 address to a server via the ifcfg-eth0 file resulted in the following error (redacted) upon restarting networking: RTNETLINK answers: Permission denied WARN     : [ipv6_add_route] ‘No route to host’ adding route ‘::/0’ via gateway ‘XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ::1’ through device ” This was further confirmed by trying to add the IP […]