[JunOS/Juniper EX2200] truncated or corrupted package during JunOS install

When performing a JunOS upgrade we ran into the following error.  We received it with different versions on multiple attempts:

hostname> request system software add install-ex-2200-releaseRrevision-domestic-signed.tgz


Checking pending install on fpc0


Validating on fpc0

truncated or corrupted package: /var/tmp/install-ex-2200-releaseRrevision-domestic-signed.tgz

We were installing the image from a flash drive plugged into the EX2200 switch.  After doing some digging we believe that if you don’t have install file on the switches drive then it attempts to copy the image to memory.  I don’t know which memory bank or with what restrictions but the image was around 100M.  We then copied the install to the switches drive and ran the install again.  No problems and a couple of reboots later it was up and running with the new upgraded JunOS package.

Resolution: Copy JunOS install file to the switch before install.